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So, Davao City Council declares RB as persona non grata because of his hipon joke. Was it really necessary? IDTS. He already apologized, right? Di uso ang sorry diring dapita? Pwede mag move on na? Ha?

Seriously though, naooffend kaya ang mga “hipon” who were present during the Invasion last Saturday? Err.. Do they even know na “hipon” sila? Malamang, no. 

Okay bye!

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IKR?! We shouldn’t be judgmental. People make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. What matters most is that he admitted his fault and apologized.


#MusicMondays: Julie Anne San Jose’s hitlist

Music has definitely been Julie Anne San Jose’s ticket to show business. Julie Anne, or Japs, has been singing her way to superstardom since she sang I Wanna Dance With Somebody’s first note on Eat Bulaga’s Little Miss Philippines back in 1997. What are the songs closest to Japs’ heart?  For starters, Japs advises singing contest hopefuls to sing Mariah Carey’s Can’t Take That Away as finale. This song will definitely showcase a singer’s vocal power, provided s/he pulls off the high notes. This is actually the song that Japs sang during the Popstar Kids grand finals.

Mariah Carey’s Can’t Take That Away

They say that a singer trains well in the shower because of the bathroom acoustics. Well, one song that Japs always sings in the loo is Evanescence’s Going Under. Multi-talented Japs can definitely belt it out with Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee.

Evanescence’s Going Under

Pinoy pride in the international music scene Bruno Mars has a song that makes Japs dance every single time she hears it. The upbeat song Treasure make Japs reach out for her dancing shoes.

Bruno Mars  Treasure

When things mellow down and she’d like some quiet “me time,” Japs listens to Pink’s The Great Escape. Aside from the beautiful arrangement, the song is also pregnant with meaning. No wonder it’s one of Japs’ favorites. 

Pink’s The Great Escape.

Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel is the number one song that instantly lifts Japs’ mood. Carries’ soulful voice mixed with powerful lines is an essential to her playlist.  

Carrie Underwood’s Jesus Take The Wheel

Japs surprised us when she said that Tinie Tempah’s Written in the Stars is the song of her life. How do think can Japs relate to the song?  

Tinie Tempah’s Written in the Stars

And finally – take note, gentlemen – the song that she would like to be played on her wedding day is A Thousand Years, the same song that Christina Perri wrote for the love story of Twilight’s Edward and Bella. A romantic piece perfect for beautiful Julie!

A Thousand Years, Christina Perri

What can you say about Julie Anne’s life playlist? Can you relate the same song as Japs?  

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